May 1661 in history

Born in May 1661

May 7 Sophie Marie of Hesse-Darmstadt a member of the House of Hesse and by marriage Duchess of Saxe-Eisenberg.
May 9 Jahandar Shah a Mughal Emperor who ruled India for a brief period in 1712–1713. His title was Shahanshah-i-Ghazi Abu'l Fath Mu'izz-ud-Din Muhammad Jahandar Shah Sahib-i-Quran Padshah-i-Jahan
May 25 Claude Buffier born in Poland of French parents, who returned to France and settled at Rouen soon after his birth.

Died in May 1661

May 27 Archibald Campbell 1st Marquess of Argyll the de facto head of government in Scotland during most of the conflict known as the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, also known as the British Civil War. He was a major figure in the Covenanter movement that fought for the Presbyterian religion and what they saw as Scottish interests during the English Civil War of the 1640s and 1650s. He is often remembered as the arch-enemy of the royalist general James Graham, 1st Marquis of Montrose