May 1676 in history

Born in May 1676

May 7 Pietro Giannone an Italian historian born in Ischitella, in the province of Capitanata. He opposed the papal influence in Naples, for which he was imprisoned for twelve years until his death
May 28 Jacopo Riccati an Italian mathematician, born in Venice. He is now remembered for the Riccati equation. He died in Treviso in 1754

Died in May 1676

May 25 Johann Rahn credited with the first use of the division symbol, ÷ and the therefore sign, ∴. He is known for his Teutsche algebra, the first time the Geteiltzeichen characters appear in print. The symbol is used in Teutsche Algebra, published in 1659. John Pell collaborated with Rahn in this book, which contains an example of the Pell equation, Pell-loading of the English translation of the book of Rahn. There is a controversy in Pell awards, rather than Rahn, authorship notations. Rahn was also, it seems, mayor of the city of Zurich in 1655
May 27 Paul Gerhardt a German hymn writer.