May 1684 in history

Born in May 1684

May 5 Françoise Charlotte d'Aubigné the wife of Adrien Maurice de Noailles, 3rd Duke of Noailles. She was the niece of Françoise d'Aubigné, Madame de Maintenon, and her heiress
May 24 Charles Alexander Duke of Württemberg a Württemberg noble from 1698 who governed the Kingdom of Serbia as regent from 1720 until 1733, when he assumed the position of Duke of Württemberg, which he had held until his death.
May 27 Wilhelm Reinhard von Neipperg an Austrian general.

Died in May 1684

May 4 John Nevison one of Britain's most notorious highwaymen, a gentleman rogue supposedly nicknamed Swift Nick by King Charles II after a renowned 200-mile dash from Kent to York to establish an alibi for a robbery he had committed earlier that day. The story inspired William Harrison Ainsworth to include a modified version in his novel Rookwood, in which he attributed the feat to Dick Turpin. There are suggestions that the feat was actually undertaken by one Samuel Nicks
May 8 Mikołaj Stefan Pac a Polish nobleman, voivode of Troki since 1651, castelan of Wilno since 1670, bishop of Wilno since 1671.
May 12 Edme Mariotte a French physicist and priest.