May 1699 in history

Born in May 1699

May 5 Hubert Drouais a French painter, portraitist and miniaturist.
May 13 Sebastião José de Carvalho e Melo 1st Marquis of Pombal an 18th-century Portuguese statesman. He was Secretary of the State of the Kingdom of Portugal and the Algarves in the government of Joseph I of Portugal from 1750 to 1777. Undoubtedly the most prominent minister in the government, he is considered today to have been the de facto head of government. Pombal is notable for his swift and competent leadership in the aftermath of the 1755 Lisbon earthquake. He implemented sweeping economic policies in Portugal to regulate commercial activity and standardize quality throughout the country. Pombal was instrumental in weakening the grip of the Inquisition. The term Pombaline is used to describe not only his tenure, but also the architectural style which formed after the great earthquake
May 14 Hans Joachim von Zieten a cavalry general in the Prussian Army. He served in numerous wars and battles during the reign of Frederick the Great
May 25 Anna Leszczyńska (1699–1717) a Polish noblewoman from the Leszczyński family and later Royal Princess of Poland when her father became King in 1704.
May 26 Nikita Trubetskoy a Russian statesman and Field Marshal , minister of defense of Russia 1760.

Died in May 1699

May 12 Lucas Achtschellinck a Flemish landscape painter.
May 15 Sir Edward Petre 3rd Baronet an English Jesuit who became a close adviser to King James II and was appointed a privy councillor.