May 1707 in history

May 1707 events chronologically

May 1 The Act of Union joins the Kingdom of England and Kingdom of Scotland to form the Kingdom of Great Britain

Born in May 1707

May 2 Jean-Baptiste Barrière a French cellist and composer. He was born in Bordeaux and died in Paris, at 40 years of age
May 11 Francisco Salzillo a Spanish sculptor. He is the most representative Spanish image-maker of the 18th century and one of greatest of the Baroque. Francisco Salzillo worked exclusively on religious themes, and almost always in polychromed wood. He made hundreds of pieces that are distributed throughout the Region of Murcia and some in bordering provinces. The Spanish Civil War caused the destruction of many of the works of Salzillo. Some of his masterpieces include his nonprocessional religious work, his processional work, and his great Nativity scene
May 23 Carl Linnaeus a Swedish botanist, physician, and zoologist, who laid the foundations for the modern biological naming scheme of binomial nomenclature. He is known as the father of modern taxonomy, and is also considered one of the fathers of modern ecology. Many of his writings were in Latin, and his name is rendered in Latin as Carolus Linnæus

Died in May 1707

May 8 Nicholas Kalliakis a Cretan scholar and philosopher who flourished in Italy in the 17th century. He was appointed doctor of philosophy and theology in Rome, university professor of Greek and Latin and Aristotelian philosophy at Venice in 1666 and professor of belles-lettres and rhetoric at Padua in 1667
May 9 Dieterich Buxtehude a Danish-German organist and composer of the Baroque period. His organ works represent a central part of the standard organ repertoire and are frequently performed at recitals and in church services. He composed in a wide variety of vocal and instrumental idioms, and his style strongly influenced many composers, including Johann Sebastian Bach. Today, Buxtehude is considered one of the most important composers in Germany of the mid-Baroque
May 10 Johann Ernst III Duke of Saxe-Weimar a duke of Saxe-Weimar.
May 19 Jean II d'Estrées a Marshal of France, and an important naval commander of Louis XIV. He was born to a noble family from Picardie. His aunt was Gabrielle d'Estrées, lover of King Henry IV of France
May 27 Françoise-Athénaïs marquise de Montespan the most celebrated maîtresse en titre of King Louis XIV of France, by whom she had seven children.