May 1804 in history

May 1804 events chronologically

May 13 Forces sent by Yusuf Karamanli of Tripoli to retake Derna from the Americans attack the city
May 14 The Lewis and Clark Expedition departs from Camp Dubois and begins its historic journey by traveling up the Missouri River
May 18 Napoleon Bonaparte is proclaimed Emperor of the French by the French Senate

Top 7 most famous people born in May 1804

May 7 Alfred Moquin-Tandon a French naturalist and doctor.
May 9 Hewett Watson a phrenologist, botanist and evolutionary theorist. He was born in Firbeck, near Rotherham, Yorkshire, and died at Thames Ditton, Surrey
May 12 Robert Baldwin a Canadian lawyer and politician who, with his political partner Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine, led the first responsible ministry in Canada. "Responsible Government" marked the country's democratic independence, without a revolution, although not without violence. This achievement also included the introduction of municipal government, the introduction of a modern legal system and the Canadian Jury system, and the abolishing of imprisonment for debt. Baldwin is also noted for resisting a decades-long tradition of Orange Order terrorism of political reform in the colony, that went so far as to burn the Parliament buildings in Montreal in 1849
May 13 Aleksey Khomyakov a Russian theologian, philosopher and poet. He co-founded the Slavophile movement along with Ivan Kireyevsky, and became one of its most distinguished theoreticians. His son Nikolay Khomyakov was a speaker of the State Duma
May 13 Daniele Manin an Italian patriot and statesman from Venice. He is considered by many Italian historians a hero of the Italian unification
May 18 Jules Dupuit an Italian-born French civil engineer and economist.
May 31 Louise Farrenc a French composer, virtuosa pianist and teacher. Born Jeanne-Louise Dumont in Paris, she was the daughter of Jacques-Edme Dumont, a successful sculptor, and sister to Auguste Dumont

Died in May 1804

May 5 Antonio José Cavanilles a leading Spanish taxonomic botanist of the 18th century. He named many plants, particularly from Oceania. He named at least 100 genera, about 54 of which were still used in 2004, including Dahlia, Calycera, Cobaea, Galphimia, and Oleandra