May 1827 in history

Top 7 most famous people born in May 1827

May 1 Jules Breton a 19th-century French Realist painter. His paintings are heavily influenced by the French countryside and his absorption of traditional methods of painting helped make Jules Breton one of the primary transmitters of the beauty and idyllic vision of rural existence
May 4 John Hanning Speke most associated with the search for the source of the Nile and reaching Victoria Nyanza. He is also known for propounding the Hamitic hypothesis in 1863 - his writings are an example of scientific racism. In this hypothesis, he supposed that the Tutsi ethnic group were descendants of the biblical figure, Ham, and had lighter skin and more “European” features than the Bantu-featured Hutu over whom they ruled
May 10 William Windom an American politician from Minnesota. He served as U.S. Representative from 1859 to 1869, and as U.S. Senator from 1870 to January 1871, from March 1871 to March 1881, and from November 1881 to 1883. He also served as Secretary of the Treasury from March to November 1881, and from 1889 to 1891. He was a Republican. He was the great-grandfather of the actor named after him, William Windom
May 11 Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux a French sculptor and painter during the Second Empire under Napoleon III.
May 15 Knud Bergslien a Norwegian painter, art teacher and master artist. In his art, he frequently portrayed the lives of the Norwegian people, their history and heroes of the past. Bergslien is most associated with his historical paintings, especially Skiing Birchlegs Crossing the Mountain with the Royal Child
May 16 Pierre Cuypers a Dutch architect. His name is most frequently associated with the Amsterdam Central Station and the Rijksmuseum , both in Amsterdam. More representative for his oeuvre, however, are numerous churches, of which he designed more than 100. Moreover, he restored a large number of monuments
May 21 Konstantin Pobedonostsev a Russian jurist, statesman, and adviser to three Tsars. He is usually regarded as a prime representative of reactionary views and was the "éminence grise" of imperial politics during the reign of Alexander III of Russia, holding the position of the Ober-Procurator of the Holy Synod, the highest position of the supervision of the Russian Orthodox Church by the state

Died in May 1827

May 5 Frederick Augustus I of Saxony King of Saxony from the House of Wettin. He was also Elector Frederick Augustus III of Saxony and Duke Frederick Augustus I of Warsaw. The Augustusplatz in Leipzig is named after him
May 6 François-Frédéric Lemot a French sculptor, working in the Neoclassical style.
May 14 Louis Ramond de Carbonnières a French politician, geologist and botanist. He is regarded as one of the first explorers of the high mountains of the Pyrenees who can be described as a pyrénéiste
May 31 Pierre Louis Prieur a French lawyer elected to the Estates-General of 1789. During the French Revolution he served as a deputy to the National Convention and held membership in the Committee of Public Safety