November 1328 in history

Born in November 1328

Nov 11 Roger Mortimer 2nd Earl of March an English nobleman and military commander during the Hundred Years' War.
Nov 25 Antipope Benedict XIII officially considered by the Catholic Church to be an antipope.

Died in November 1328

Nov 9 Charles Duke of Calabria the son of King Robert of Naples and Yolanda of Aragon.
Nov 14 Ragibagh Khan Emperor Tianshun of Yuan a son of Yesün Temür who was briefly installed to the throne of the Yuan Dynasty in Shangdu in 1328. Although he should have been the seventh ruler of the Yuan Dynasty in succession to his father Yesün Temür Khan, or Emperor Taiding, he was dethroned by his rival who was installed by coup before Ragibagh's succession. He is regarded as the 11th Great Khan of the Mongols in Mongolia