November 1555 in history

November 1555 events chronologically

Nov 1 French Huguenots establish the France Antarctique colony in present-day Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Nov 12 The English Parliament re-establishes Catholicism

Born in November 1555

Nov 8 Nyaungyan Min king of the Toungoo Dynasty of Burma from 1599 to 1605. He is also referred to as the founder of the Restored Toungoo Dynasty or Nyaungyan Dynasty for starting the reunification process following the collapse of the Toungoo Empire

Died in November 1555

Nov 4 Agnes of Hesse a princess of Hesse by birth and by marriage Electress of Saxony.
Nov 12 Stephen Gardiner an English Roman Catholic bishop and politician during the English Reformation period who served as Lord Chancellor during the reign of Queen Mary I of England.
Nov 21 Georgius Agricola a German Catholic, scholar and scientist. Known as "the father of mineralogy", he was born at Glauchau in Saxony. His birth name was Georg Pawer ; Agricola is the Latinized version of his name, by which he was known his entire adult life; Agricola and Bauer mean "farmer" in their respective languages. He is best known for his book De Re Metallica