November 1673 in history

November 1673 events chronologically

Nov 11 Second Battle of Khotyn in Ukraine: Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth forces under the command of Jan Sobieski defeat the Ottoman army. In this battle, rockets made by Kazimierz Siemienowicz are successfully used

Born in November 1673

Nov 6 Aleksandr Danilovich Menshikov a Russian statesman, whose official titles included Generalissimus, Prince of the Russian Empire and Duke of Izhora , Prince of the Holy Roman Empire, Duke of Cosel. A highly appreciated associate and friend of Tsar Peter the Great, he was the de facto ruler of Russia for two years

Died in November 1673

Nov 10 Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki ruler of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth as King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from September 29, 1669, to his death in 1673. Michael's reign was marked by struggles between the pro-Habsburg and pro-French political factions
Nov 15 Thomas Wharton (anatomist) an English physician and anatomist best known for his descriptions of the submandibular duct and Wharton's jelly of the umbilical cord.
Nov 17 Jacob van der Does a Dutch Golden Age landscape painter.
Nov 29 Armand de Gramont Comte de Guiche a French nobleman, adventurer, and one of the greatest playboys of the 17th century.