November 1683 in history

November 1683 events chronologically

Nov 1 The British Crown colony of New York is subdivided into 12 counties

Born in November 1683

Nov 7 Anton thor Helle the translator of the first Bible in Estonian in 1739, and the first Estonian grammar. The New Testament was a North Estonian revision of the 1648 version by Johannes Gutslaff author of Observationes Grammaticae circa linguam Esthonicam, and Helle's version was revised many times, including by Malm in 1896
Nov 30 Ludwig Andreas von Khevenhüller originally from Franconia and had settled in Carinthia.

Died in November 1683

Nov 10 Robert Morison a Scottish botanist and taxonomist. A forerunner of John Ray, he elucidated and developed the first systematic classification of plants
Nov 18 Louis Count of Vermandois the eldest surviving son of Louis XIV of France and his mistress Louise de La Vallière.
Nov 18 Innocent Gizel a Prussian-born historian, writer, political and ecclesiastic figure, who had adopted Orthodox Christianity and made substantional contribution to Russian and Ukrainian culture.