November 1692 in history

Born in November 1692

Nov 6 Louis Racine a French poet of the Age of the Enlightenment.
Nov 15 Eusebius Amort a German Roman Catholic theologian.
Nov 21 Carlo Innocenzo Frugoni an Italian poet and librettist. As a poet Frugoni was one of the best of the school of the Arcadian Academy, and his lyrics and pastorals had great facility and elegance. His collected works were published at Parma in 10 volumes in 1799, and a more complete edition appeared at Lucca in the same year in 15 volumes

Died in November 1692

Nov 6 Gédéon Tallemant des Réaux a French writer known for his Historiettes, a collection of short biographies.
Nov 14 Christoph Bernhard born in Kolberg, Pomerania, and died in Dresden. He studied with former Sweelinck-pupil Paul Siefert in Danzig and in Warsaw By the age of 20 he was singing at the electoral court in Dresden under Heinrich Schütz. He then spent a year in Copenhagen to study singing with Agostino Fontana
Nov 18 Robert Holmes (Royal Navy officer) an English Admiral of the Restoration Navy. He took part in the second and third Anglo-Dutch wars, both of which he is, by some, credited with having started. He was made governor of the Isle of Wight, where he is buried in Yarmouth parish church. Holmes is chiefly remembered for his exploits on the cruise to Guinea for the Royal African Company, and for the so-called Holmes's Bonfire of 1666. He is regarded as an archetypal figure both of the quarrelsome restoration officer and of the coming into being of the British professional naval officer
Nov 19 Thomas Shadwell an English poet and playwright who was appointed poet laureate in 1689.