November 1749 in history

Born in November 1749

Nov 3 Daniel Rutherford most famous for the isolation of nitrogen in 1772.
Nov 10 Maciej Radziwiłł a Polish-Lithuanian noble , composer and librettist.
Nov 17 Nicolas Appert the French inventor of airtight food preservation. Appert, known as the "father of canning", was a confectioner
Nov 23 Edward Rutledge an American politician, a slaveholder and youngest signer of the United States Declaration of Independence. He later served as the 39th Governor of South Carolina

Died in November 1749

Nov 14 Maruyama Gondazaemon a sumo wrestler. He is formally recognised as the third yokozuna. His real name was Haga Gindayu. He came from a village in the Sendai Domain
Nov 19 Carl Heinrich Biber a late Baroque violinist and composer.
Nov 27 Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel a prolific German baroque composer.