November 1754 in history

Top 7 most famous people born in November 1754

Nov 5 Alessandro Malaspina an Italian nobleman who spent most of his life as a Spanish naval officer and explorer. Under a Spanish royal commission, he undertook a voyage around the world from 1786 to 1788, then, from 1789 to 1794, a scientific expedition throughout the Pacific Ocean, exploring and mapping much of the west coast of the Americas from Cape Horn to the Gulf of Alaska, crossing to Guam and the Philippines, and stopping in New Zealand, Australia, and Tonga
Nov 6 Frederick I of Württemberg the last Duke of Würtemberg, then briefly Elector of Württemberg, and was later elevated to the status of King of Württemberg, by Napoleon He was known for his size: at 2.11 m and about 200 kg.
Nov 19 Pedro Romero a legendary bullfighter from the Romero family in Ronda, Spain.
Nov 19 Karl Wilhelm Duke of Saxe-Meiningen a duke of Saxe-Meiningen.
Nov 23 Abraham Baldwin an American politician, Patriot, and Founding Father from the U.S. state of Georgia. Baldwin was a Georgia representative in the Continental Congress and served in the United States House of Representatives and Senate after the adoption of the Constitution. Baldwin was the founding father of the University of Georgia, first state-charted public institution of higher education in the United States and served as its first president
Nov 23 Stanisław Poniatowski (1754–1833) a Polish nobleman, a member of the wealthy Poniatowski family and a close relative to the last king of Poland, Stanisław II August. He was the Commander of the Foot Guard of the Crown , Grand Treasurer of Lithuania and Starost of Stryj
Nov 27 Georg Forster a naturalist, ethnologist, travel writer, journalist, and revolutionary. At an early age, he accompanied his father on several scientific expeditions, including James Cook's second voyage to the Pacific. His report from that journey, A Voyage Round the World, contributed significantly to the ethnology of the people of Polynesia and remains a respected work. As a result of the report Forster was admitted to the Royal Society at the early age of twenty-two and came to be considered one of the founders of modern scientific travel literature

Died in November 1754

Nov 12 Jacob de Wit a Dutch artist and interior decorator who painted many religious scenes.
Nov 27 Abraham de Moivre a French mathematician known for de Moivre's formula, one of those that link complex numbers and trigonometry, and for his work on the normal distribution and probability theory. He was a friend of Isaac Newton, Edmond Halley, and James Stirling. Among his fellow Huguenot exiles in England, he was a colleague of the editor and translator Pierre des Maizeaux