November 1764 in history

November 1764 events chronologically

Nov 9 Mary Campbell, a captive of the Lenape during the French and Indian War, is turned over to forces commanded by Colonel Henry Bouquet

Born in November 1764

Nov 13 Princess Louise of Stolberg-Gedern (1764-1834) a German noblewoman member of the House of Stolberg and by her two marriages Duchess of Saxe-Meiningen and Württemberg.
Nov 17 Princess Maria Carolina of Savoy a Princess of Savoy from her birth. She was the youngest daughter of the future Victor Amadeus III of Sardinia and married in 1781 to the Electoral Prince of Saxony. She died of Smallpox aged eighteen
Nov 17 Louis Gustave le Doulcet comte de Pontécoulant a French politician. He was the father of Louis Adolphe le Doulcet and Philippe Gustave le Doulcet
Nov 22 Barbara von Krüdener a Baltic German religious mystic and author.
Nov 23 Gustav Hugo a German jurist.

Died in November 1764

Nov 20 Christian Goldbach a German mathematician who also studied law. He is remembered today for Goldbach's conjecture
Nov 27 Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Menshikov a son of Prince Menshikov who, at one stage, was betrothed to Grand Duchess Natalya Alexeyevna, a granddaughter of Peter the Great. He later served as an officer in the Russian army