November 1771 in history

Top 7 most famous people born in November 1771

Nov 6 Alois Senefelder a German actor and playwright who invented the printing technique of lithography in 1796.
Nov 11 Horace François Bastien Sébastiani de La Porta a French soldier, diplomat, and politician, who served as Naval Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister of State under the July Monarchy. Joining the French Revolutionary Army in his youth, he rose in its ranks and became a supporter of Napoleon Bonaparte. Sébastiani was the French Consulate's emissary to the Levant, notably drafting plans to reconquer Ottoman Egypt, and later served as the Empire's Ambassador to the Porte. In the latter capacity, he attempted to increase French influence and signaled pro-Russian activities in the Danubian Principalities, thus provoking the War of 1806–1812. In 1807, Sébastiani organized the defense of Constantinople during the Dardanelles Operation. Recalled on British pressures after the deposition of Selim III, he served in the Peninsular War and resided in the Alhambra, took part in the unsuccessful invasion of Russia, and defended the Champagne region in front of the Sixth Coalition
Nov 11 Stephen Elliott (botanist) today remembered for having written one of the most important works in American botany, A Sketch of the Botany of South-Carolina and Georgia.
Nov 11 Ephraim McDowell an American physician and pioneer surgeon. The first person to successfully remove an ovarian tumor, he has been called "the father of ovariotomy" as well as founding father of abdominal surgery
Nov 14 Marie François Xavier Bichat best remembered as the father of modern histology and descriptive anatomy. Despite working without a microscope, he was the first to introduce the notion of tissues as distinct entities, and maintained that diseases attacked tissues rather than whole organs or the entire body, causing a revolution in anatomical pathology
Nov 15 Jean Charles Abbatucci a French general during the War of the First Coalition. His name is engraved on the Arc de Triomphe
Nov 22 Heinrich Christian Funck a German pharmacist and bryologist born in Wunsiedel, Bavaria. He was a co-founder of the Regensburg Botanical Society

Died in November 1771

Nov 6 John Bevis an English doctor and astronomer. He is best known for discovering the Crab Nebula in 1731
Nov 13 Konrad Ernst Ackermann a German actor.
Nov 18 Giuseppe de Majo an Italian composer and organist. He was the father of the composer Gian Francesco de Majo. His compositional output consists of 10 operas, an oratorio, a concerto for 2 violins, and a considerable amount of sacred music