November 1776 in history

November 1776 events chronologically

Nov 16 American Revolutionary War: British and Hessian units capture Fort Washington from the Patriots
Nov 16 American Revolution: The United Provinces (Low Countries) recognize the independence of the United States
Nov 20 American Revolutionary War: British forces land at the Palisades and then attack Fort Lee. The Continental Army starts to retreat across New Jersey
Nov 29 American Revolutionary War: The Battle of Fort Cumberland, Nova Scotia, comes to an end with the arrival of British reinforcements

Born in November 1776

Nov 7 James Abercromby 1st Baron Dunfermline a British barrister and Whig politician. He served as Speaker of the House of Commons between 1835 and 1839
Nov 14 Henri Dutrochet a French physician, botanist and physiologist. He is best known for his investigation into osmosis
Nov 15 José Joaquín Fernández de Lizardi Mexican writer and political journalist, best known as the author of El Periquillo Sarniento , translated as The Mangy Parrot in English, reputed to be the first novel written in Latin America.
Nov 15 Pehr Henrik Ling pioneered the teaching of physical education in Sweden. Ling is often mistakenly credited as the father of Swedish massage, who is in fact Johann Georg Mezger
Nov 17 Friedrich Christoph Schlosser a German historian.

Died in November 1776

Nov 1 Francisco de Saldanha da Gama the third cardinal patriarch of Lisbon.
Nov 15 Fernando de Silva 12th Duke of Alba a Spanish politician and general.
Nov 17 James Ferguson (Scottish astronomer) a Scottish astronomer, instrument and globe maker.