November 1850 in history

November 1850 events chronologically

Nov 24 Danish troops defeat a Schleswig-Holstein force in the town of Lottorf, Schleswig-Holstein
Nov 29 The treaty, Punctation of Olmütz, is signed in Olomouc. Prussia capitulates to Austria, which will take over the leadership of the German Confederation

Top 7 most famous people born in November 1850

Nov 5 Ella Wheeler Wilcox an American author and poet. Her best-known work was Poems of Passion. Her most enduring work was "Solitude", which contains the lines, "Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone". Her autobiography, The Worlds and I, was published in 1918, a year before her death
Nov 6 Ernest von Koerber an Austrian politician who served as Ministerpräsident of the Austrian Empire in 1900 to 1904 and in 1916.
Nov 7 Alfred Gabriel Nathorst a Swedish Arctic explorer, geologist and palaeobotanist. Nathorst was born in Väderbrunn outside Nyköping and died in Stockholm
Nov 12 Mikhail Chigorin a leading Russian chess player. The last great player of the Romantic chess style, he also served as a major source of inspiration for the "Soviet Chess School", which dominated the chess world in the middle and latter parts of the 20th century
Nov 13 Robert Louis Stevenson a Scottish novelist, poet, essayist, and travel writer. His most famous works are Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Nov 15 Victor Laloux a French Beaux-Arts architect and teacher.
Nov 25 Eduard Sievers a philologist of the classical and Germanic languages. Sievers was one of the Junggrammatiker of the so-called "Leipzig School". He was one of the most influential historical linguists of the late nineteenth century, and is best known for his recovery of the poetic traditions of Germanic languages such as Anglo-Saxon and Old Saxon

Top 7 most famous people died in November 1850

Nov 4 Gustav Schwab a German writer, pastor and publisher.
Nov 5 Archduke Ferdinand Karl Joseph of Austria-Este the third son of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Este and of his wife Princess Maria Beatrice Ricciarda d'Este, last member and heiress of the House of Este. For much of the Napoleonic Wars he was in command of the Austrian army
Nov 6 Friedrich Wilhelm Count Brandenburg a German soldier and politician. He was the son of King Frederick William II of Prussia and Countess Sophie von Dönhoff. He and his sister were made count and countess in 1794, and he was raised with the sons of Field Marshal von Massow. In 1807, he entered the regiment Gardes du Corps. By 1848, he had distinguished himself in several battles and was a cavalry general. In November 1848, the king called him to Berlin to be Prussian prime minister, signaling the king's intention to quell the ongoing uprising. In 1850, he traveled to Warsaw to meet with Czar Nicholas. Shortly after his return, he took ill and died, it is said from the humiliation of the Czar's abandonment of the Erfurt policy
Nov 7 Félix Arvers a French poet and dramatist, most famous for his poem Un secret.
Nov 16 Aaron Alexandre a Jewish German–French–English chess player and writer.
Nov 19 Richard Mentor Johnson the ninth Vice President of the United States, serving in the administration of Martin Van Buren. He is the only vice president ever elected by the United States Senate under the provisions of the Twelfth Amendment. Johnson also represented Kentucky in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate; he began and ended his political career in the Kentucky House of Representatives
Nov 22 Lin Zexu a Chinese scholar and official of the Qing dynasty.