October 1435 in history

Born in October 1435

Oct 24 Andrea della Robbia an Italian Renaissance sculptor, especially in ceramics.

Died in October 1435

Oct 12 Agnes Bernauer the mistress and perhaps also the first wife of Albert, later Albert III, Duke of Bavaria. Because his father, Ernest, ruling Duke of Bavaria at the time, considered this liaison with a commoner unbefitting his son's social standing, he clashed with his son over the matter and finally arranged to have Agnes condemned for witchcraft and drowned in the Danube in 1435. Her life and death have been depicted in numerous literary works, the most well known being Friedrich Hebbel's tragedy of the same name and the folk musical Die Bernauerin by the composer Carl Orff
Oct 13 Hermann II Count of Celje a Count of Celje and Ban of Slavonia. Hermann was the son of Hermann I, Count of Celje, and his wife Katherine of Bosnia