October 1565 in history

Died in October 1565

Oct 4 Pier Paolo Vergerio an Italian religious reformer. Although at first opposed to Primož Trubar, the consolidator of the Slovene language, he later supported him and was his mentor for some time. He also contributed to the development of Croatian literature
Oct 5 Lodovico Ferrari an Italian mathematician.
Oct 12 Jean Ribault a French naval officer, navigator, and a colonizer of what would become the southeastern United States. He was a major figure in the French attempts to colonize Florida. A Huguenot and officer under Admiral Gaspard de Coligny, Ribault led an expedition to the New World in 1562 that founded the outpost of Charlesfort on Parris Island in present-day South Carolina. Two years later, he took over command of the French colony of Fort Caroline in what is now Jacksonville, Florida. He and many of his followers were killed by Spanish soldiers near Augustine 1565
Oct 14 Thomas Chaloner (statesman) an English statesman and poet.
Oct 21 John Frederick III Duke of Saxony German nobleman. He was a titular Duke of Saxony from the Ernestine branch of the House of Wettin. He received Saxe-Gotha as an apanage, but left its administration to his eldest brother
Oct 22 Jean Grolier de Servières Treasurer-General of France and a famous bibliophile. As a book collector, Grolier is known in particular for his patronage of the Aldine Press, and his love of richly decorated bookbindings