October 1570 in history

Born in October 1570

Oct 4 Péter Pázmány S.J. was a Hungarian Jesuit who was a noted philosopher, theologian, cardinal, pulpit orator and statesman. He was an important figure in the Counter-Reformation in Royal Hungary

Died in October 1570

Oct 1 Frans Floris a Flemish painter, principally of history paintings. He was a leading figure in the movement in Dutch and Flemish Renaissance painting referred to as Romanism. The Romanists had typically travelled to Italy where they had studied the works of leading Italian High Renaissance painters such as Michelangelo, Raphael and their followers. Their art assimilated these Italian influences into the Northern painting tradition
Oct 3 Hieronymus Cock a Flemish painter and etcher as well as a publisher and distributor of prints. Cock was the most important print publisher of his time in northern Europe and played a key role in the transformation of printmaking from an activity of individual artists and craftsmen into an industry based on division of labour
Oct 14 Floris of Montmorency a noble and diplomat from the Spanish Netherlands.
Oct 18 Manuel da Nóbrega a Portuguese Jesuit priest and first Provincial of the Society of Jesus in colonial Brazil. Together with José de Anchieta, he was very influential in the early History of Brazil, and participated in the founding of several cities, such as Recife, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, and many Jesuit Colleges and seminaries
Oct 20 João de Barros one of the first great Portuguese historians, most famous for his Décadas da Ásia , a history of the Portuguese in India, Asia, and southeast Africa.