October 1621 in history

Born in October 1621

Oct 24 Serafina of God the founder of seven Carmelite monasteries of nuns in southern Italy. The cause for her canonization has been formally accepted by the Holy See, which has declared her to have lived a life of heroic virtue

Died in October 1621

Oct 11 Dirk Hartog a 17th-century Dutch sailor and explorer. Dirk Hartog's expedition was the second European group to land on Australian soil, He was the first to leave behind an artifact to record his visit, the Hartog plate. His name is sometimes alternatively spelled Dirck Hartog or Dierick Hartochsz. Ernest Giles referred to him as Theodoric Hertoge. Born into a seafaring family, at the age of 30 he received his first ship's command, and spent several years engaged in successful trading ventures in the Baltic and Mediterranean seas
Oct 11 Andrzej Sapieha a Polish–Lithuanian nobleman of the Sapieha family, who served as the Great Royal Deputy Cup-bearer of Lithuania , castellan of Minsk, and Voivode of Polotsk and Smolensk.
Oct 16 Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck a Dutch composer, organist, and pedagogue whose work straddled the end of the Renaissance and beginning of the Baroque eras. He was among the first major keyboard composers of Europe, and his work as a teacher helped establish the north German organ tradition