October 1729 in history

Born in October 1729

Oct 1 Anton Cajetan Adlgasser a German organist and composer at Salzburg Cathedral and at court, and composed a good deal of liturgical music as well as oratorios and orchestral and keyboard works.
Oct 16 Pierre van Maldere a violinist and composer from the Southern Low Countries.
Oct 17 Pierre-Alexandre Monsigny a French composer and a member of the French Académie des Beaux-Arts.
Oct 22 Johann Reinhold Forster a Reformed pastor and naturalist of partially Scottish descent who made contributions to the early ornithology of Europe and North America. He is best known as the naturalist on James Cook's second Pacific voyage, where he was accompanied by his son Georg Forster. These expeditions promoted the career of Johann Reinhold Forster and the findings became the bedrock of colonial professionalism and helped set the stage for the future development of anthropology and ethnology. They also laid the framework for general concern about the impact that alteration of the physical environment for European economic expansion would have on exotic societies

Died in October 1729

Oct 9 Richard Blackmore remembered primarily as the object of satire and as an example of a dull poet. He was, however, a respected physician and religious writer
Oct 10 Thomas Fairchild (gardener) an English gardener.