October 1738 in history

Born in October 1738

Oct 6 Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria (1738–1789) the second but eldest surviving daughter of Maria Theresa, Queen of Hungary and Bohemia, and Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor.
Oct 6 Charles-Joseph Mathon de la Cour a French art critic, mathematician, financier, and essayist. He was the son of the mathematician Jacques Mathon de la Cour
Oct 10 Benjamin West an Anglo-American painter of historical scenes around and after the time of the American War of Independence. He was the second president of the Royal Academy in London, serving from 1792 to 1805 and 1806 to 1820. He was offered a knighthood by the British Crown, but declined it, believing that he should instead be made a peer
Oct 11 Arthur Phillip the first Governor of New South Wales and founder of the settlement which became Sydney.
Oct 18 Andrey Bolotov the most prolific memoirist and the most distinguished agriculturist of the 18th-century Russian Empire.
Oct 28 Ludwik Szymon Gutakowski the second Prime Minister of Poland, and the President of the Council of State and of the Cabinet.