October 1766 in history

Born in October 1766

Oct 7 Marie-François Auguste de Caffarelli du Falga a French général de division of Italian descent. Two of his brothers were also generals. His name is inscribed on the south side of the Arc de Triomphe
Oct 9 Bedřich Diviš Weber a Bohemian composer and musicologist primarily remembered as the first Director of the Prague Conservatory, in whose foundation he played a leading role.
Oct 13 Louis Marie de Lescure a French soldier and opponent of the French Revolution, the cousin of Henri de la Rochejaquelein.
Oct 13 Giuseppe Longhi an Italian printmaker and writer.
Oct 23 Emmanuel de Grouchy Marquis de Grouchy a French general and marshal.

Died in October 1766

Oct 8 Franciszek Bieliński a Polish politician and statesman. A Grand Marshal of the Crown, Marshal of Prussia and a voivode of Chełmno, he is best remembered as a strong proponent of the expansion and the modernisation of the city of Warsaw. He is also the eponym of Marszałkowska Street in Warsaw, one of the major and most iconic streets of Poland's capital