October 1776 in history

October 1776 events chronologically

Oct 7 Crown Prince Paul of Russia marries Sophie Marie Dorothea of Württemberg
Oct 11 American Revolutionary War: Battle of Valcour Island – On Lake Champlain a fleet of American boats is defeated by the Royal Navy, but delays the British advance until 1777
Oct 26 Benjamin Franklin departs from America for France on a mission to seek French support for the American Revolution
Oct 28 American Revolutionary War: Battle of White Plains: British Army forces arrive at White Plains, attack and capture Chatterton Hill from the Americans

Born in October 1776

Oct 4 Mariano Lagasca a Spanish botanist, writer and doctor. He was the director of Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid
Oct 8 Pieter van Os a Dutch painter and engraver and a member of the renowned Van Os family of artists.
Oct 13 Peter Barlow (mathematician) an English mathematician and physicist.
Oct 30 George M. Bibb an American politician.

Died in October 1776

Oct 15 John Ellis (naturalist) a British linen merchant and naturalist.
Oct 17 Pierre François le Courayer a French Catholic theological writer, for many years an expatriate in England.