October 1820 in history

October 1820 events chronologically

Oct 9 Guayaquil declares independence from Spain

Top 7 most famous people born in October 1820

Oct 6 Jenny Lind a Swedish opera singer, often known as the "Swedish Nightingale". One of the most highly regarded singers of the 19th century, she performed in soprano roles in opera in Sweden and across Europe, and undertook an extraordinarily popular concert tour of America beginning in 1850. She was a member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Music from 1840
Oct 9 Grigory Butakov a Russian admiral who fought in the Crimean War. Butakov is widely credited as being the father of steam-powered ship tactics during the 19th century. He was involved in the first battles of the Crimean War, which includes the first sea battles involving steam-powered ships. Butakov wrote of his experiences in his book: New Principles of Steamboat Tactics , which won him the Demidov Prize. In 1881 Butakov assumed the role of Commander-in-Chief of the Port of Petersburg. He was also made a member of the State Council in March 1882. Shortly after gaining both titles however, Butakov fell seriously ill, and died on 31 May 1882, aged 62
Oct 13 John William Dawson a Canadian geologist and university administrator.
Oct 17 Édouard Roche best known for his work in the field of celestial mechanics. His name was given to the concepts of the Roche sphere, Roche limit and Roche lobe. He also was the author of works in meteorology
Oct 21 Friedrich Alefeld a botanist, author, and medical practitioner. Born in Weiterstadt-Gräfenhausen, Grand Duchy of Hesse, he described a number of plant species in his published works, taking a particular interest in legumes and malvaceae. He attempted to give a systematic treatment of German crops in one work, in addition to writing treatises on herbal baths and cultivated plants of potential usefulness. A number of his essays appeared in the botanical literature of the day
Oct 24 Eugène Fromentin a French painter and writer.
Oct 24 Santos Gutiérrez a Colombian statesman and soldier, who became president of the Sovereign State of Boyacá, and later elected as president of the United States of Colombia for the term of 1868-1870.

Died in October 1820

Oct 8 Henri Christophe a former slave and key leader in the Haitian Revolution, which succeeded in gaining independence from France in 1804. In 1805 he took part under Jean-Jacques Dessalines in the capturing of Santo Domingo , against French forces who acquired the colony from Spain in the Treaty of Basel
Oct 15 Karl Philipp Prince of Schwarzenberg an Austrian field marshal.
Oct 18 Jacques-Victor Henry the heir apparent to the throne of the Kingdom of Haiti.