October 1866 in history

October 1866 events chronologically

Oct 19 Venice - Annexion of Veneto and Mantua to Italy - At Hotel Europa, Austria hands over Veneto to France, which hands it immediately over to Italy
Oct 22 A plebiscite ratifies the annexion of Veneto and Mantua to Italy, occurred three days before, on October 19

Top 7 most famous people born in October 1866

Oct 6 Reginald Fessenden a Canadian inventor who performed pioneering experiments in radio, including the use of continuous waves and the early—and possibly the first—radio transmissions of voice and music. In his later career he received hundreds of patents for devices in fields such as high-powered transmitting, sonar, and television
Oct 12 Ramsay MacDonald a British statesman who was the first ever Labour Party Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, leading a Labour Government in 1924, a Labour Government from 1929 to 1931, and a National Government from 1931 to 1935.
Oct 20 Sattar Khan considered by many Iranians to be a national hero.
Oct 22 Kazimierz Twardowski a Polish philosopher and logician.
Oct 26 Ignacy Daszyński a Polish socialist politician, journalist and Prime Minister of the first Polish government , created in Lublin in 1918.
Oct 28 Ramón del Valle-Inclán considered perhaps the most noteworthy and certainly the most radical dramatist working to subvert the traditionalism of the Spanish theatrical establishment in the early part of the 20th century. His drama is made all the more important by its influence on later generations of Spanish dramatists. Therefore, on the national theater day, his statue in Madrid receives the homage of the theatrical profession
Oct 29 Antonio Luna a Filipino pharmacist and general who fought in the Philippine–American War. He was also the founder of the Philippines's first military academy, which existed during the First Philippine Republic. He was regarded as the most brilliant of the Filipino military officers during the war. Succeeding Artemio Ricarte as commander of the Philippine Revolutionary Army, he organized professional guerrilla soldiers later to be known as the Luna sharpshooters. His three-tier defense, now known as the Luna Defense Line, gave the American troops a hard campaign in the provinces north of Manila

Top 7 most famous people died in October 1866

Oct 1 Maria Susanna Cummins an American novelist.
Oct 12 Diederich Franz Leonhard von Schlechtendal a German botanist.
Oct 13 William Hopkins an English mathematician and geologist. He is famous as a private tutor of aspiring undergraduate Cambridge mathematicians, earning him the sobriquet the senior-wrangler maker
Oct 18 Philipp Franz von Siebold a German physician, botanist, and traveler. He taught some pupils Western medicine in Japan. He achieved prominence for his study of Japanese flora and fauna, and was the father of female Japanese doctor, Kusumoto Ine
Oct 18 Manuel Bulnes a Chilean military and political figure. He was twice President of Chile between 1841–1846 and 1846-1851
Oct 18 Édouard Thouvenel ambassador to the Ottoman Empire from 1855 to 1860, and French Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1860 to 1862.
Oct 29 James Beckwourth an American mountain man, fur trader, and explorer. An African American born into slavery in Virginia, he was freed by his father and apprenticed to a blacksmith; later he moved to the American West. As a fur trapper, he lived with the Crow for years. He is credited with the discovery of Beckwourth Pass through the Sierra Nevada Mountains between present-day Reno, Nevada and Portola, California during the California Gold Rush years, and improved the Beckwourth Trail, which thousands of settlers followed to central California