September 5 events in history

917 Liu Yan declares himself emperor, establishing the Southern Han state in southern China, at his capital of Panyu
1590 Alexander Farnese's army forces Henry IV of France to lift the siege of Paris
1661 Fall of Nicolas Fouquet: Louis XIV Superintendent of Finances is arrested in Nantes by D'Artagnan, captain of the king's musketeers
1666 Great Fire of London ends: Ten thousand buildings including St Paul's Cathedral are destroyed, but only six people are known to have died
1697 War of the Grand Alliance : A French warship commanded by Captain Pierre Le Moyne d'Iberville defeated an English squadron at the Battle of Hudson's Bay
1698 In an effort to Westernize his nobility, Tsar Peter I of Russia imposes a tax on beards for all men except the clergy and peasantry
1725 Wedding of Louis XV and Maria Leszczyńska
1774 First Continental Congress assembles in Philadelphia
1781 Battle of the Chesapeake in the American Revolutionary War: The British Navy is repelled by the French Navy, contributing to the British surrender at Yorktown
1793 French Revolution: The French National Convention initiates the Reign of Terror
1798 Conscription is made mandatory in France by the Jourdan law
1812 War of 1812: The Siege of Fort Wayne begins when Chief Winamac's forces attack two soldiers returning from the fort's outhouses
1816 Louis XVIII has to dissolve the Chambre introuvable ("Unobtainable Chamber")
1836 Sam Houston is elected as the first president of the Republic of Texas
1839 The United Kingdom declares war on the Qing dynasty of China
1840 Premiere of Giuseppe Verdi's Un giorno di regno at La Scala of Milan
1862 American Civil War: The Potomac River is crossed at White's Ford in the Maryland Campaign
1862 James Glaisher, pioneering meteorologist and Henry Tracey Coxwell break world record for altitude whilst collecting data in their balloon
1864 François Achille Bazaine becomes Marshal of France
1877 American Indian Wars: Oglala Sioux chief Crazy Horse is bayoneted by a United States soldier after resisting confinement in a guardhouse at Fort Robinson in Nebraska
1882 The first United States Labor Day parade is held in New York City
1887 A fire at Theatre Royal in Exeter, England kills 186
1905 Russo-Japanese War: In New Hampshire, United States, the Treaty of Portsmouth, mediated by U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt, ends the war
1906 The first legal forward pass in American football is thrown by Bradbury Robinson of St. Louis University to teammate Jack Schneider in a 22–0 victory over Carroll College (Wisconsin)
1914 World War I: First Battle of the Marne begins. Northeast of Paris, the French attack and defeat German forces who are advancing on the capital
1915 The pacifist Zimmerwald Conference begins
1918 The original publication of the Cheka decree, "On Red Terror"
1921 Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle party in San Francisco ends with the death of the young actress Virginia Rappe: One of the first scandals of the Hollywood community
1927 The first Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon, Trolley Troubles, produced by Walt Disney, is released by Universal Pictures
1932 The French Upper Volta is broken apart between Ivory Coast, French Sudan, and Niger
1937 Spanish Civil War: Llanes falls to the Nationalists following a one-day siege
1938 Chile: A group of youths affiliated with the fascist National Socialist Movement of Chile are assassinated in the Seguro Obrero massacre
1941 Whole territory of Estonia is occupied by Nazi Germany
1942 World War II: Japanese high command orders withdrawal at Milne Bay, the first major Japanese defeat in land warfare during the Pacific War
1943 World War II: The 503rd Parachute Infantry Regiment lands and occupies Lae Nadzab Airport, near Lae in the Salamaua–Lae campaign
1944 Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg constitute Benelux
1945 Cold War: Igor Gouzenko, a Soviet Union embassy clerk, defects to Canada, exposing Soviet espionage in North America, signalling the beginning of the Cold War
1945 Iva Toguri D'Aquino, a Japanese American suspected of being wartime radio propagandist Tokyo Rose, is arrested in Yokohama
1948 In France, Robert Schuman becomes President of the Council while being Foreign minister, As such, he is the negotiator of the major treaties of the end of World War II
1957 Cuban Revolution: Fulgencio Batista bombs the revolt in Cienfuegos
1960 The poet Léopold Sédar Senghor is elected as the first President of Senegal
1960 Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) wins the gold medal in the light heavyweight boxing competition at the Olympic Games in Rome
1961 The first conference of the Non Aligned Countries is held in Belgrade
1969 My Lai Massacre: U.S. Army Lieutenant William Calley is charged with six specifications of premeditated murder for the death of 109 Vietnamese civilians in My Lai
1970 Vietnam War: Operation Jefferson Glenn begins: The United States 101st Airborne Division and the South Vietnamese 1st Infantry Division initiate a new operation in Thừa Thiên–Huế Province
1970 Jochen Rindt becomes the only driver to posthumously win the Formula One World Drivers' Championship (in 1970), after being killed in practice for the Italian Grand Prix
1972 Munich massacre: A Palestinian terrorist group called "Black September" attacks and takes hostage 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympic Games. Two die in the attack and nine die the following day
1975 Sacramento, California: Lynette Fromme attempts to assassinate U.S. President Gerald Ford
1977 Hanns Martin Schleyer is kidnapped in Cologne, West Germany by the Red Army Faction and is later murdered
1977 Voyager program: Voyager 1 is launched after a brief delay