September 7 events in history

70 A Roman army under Titus occupies and plunders Jerusalem
878 Louis the Stammerer was crowned as King of West Francia by Pope John VIII
1159 Pope Alexander III chosen
1191 Third Crusade: Battle of Arsuf – Richard I of England defeats Saladin at Arsuf
1228 Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II landed in Acre, Palestine and started the Sixth Crusade, which resulted in a peaceful restitution of the Kingdom of Jerusalem
1303 Guillaume de Nogaret takes Pope Boniface VIII prisoner on behalf of Philip IV of France
1571 Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk, is arrested for his role in the Ridolfi plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth I of England and replace her with Mary, Queen of Scots
1631 Battle of Breitenfield (Thirty Years' War) Swedish troops commanded by Gustavus Adolphus win a decisive victory over Catholic Forces
1652 Around 15,000 Han farmers and militia rebel against Dutch rule on Taiwan
1695 Henry Every perpetrates one of the most profitable pirate raids in history with the capture of the Grand Mughal ship Ganj-i-Sawai. In response, Emperor Aurangzeb threatens to end all English trading in India
1706 War of the Spanish Succession: Siege of Turin ends, leading to the withdrawal of French forces from North Italy
1764 Election of Stanislaw August Poniatowski as the last ruler of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth
1776 According to American colonial reports, Ezra Lee makes the world's first submarine attack in the Turtle, attempting to attach a time bomb to the hull of HMS Eagle in New York Harbor (no British records of this attack exist)
1778 American Revolutionary War: France invades Dominica in the British West Indies, before Britain is even aware of France's involvement in the war
1812 French invasion of Russia : The Battle of Borodino, the bloodiest battle of the Napoleonic Wars, was fought near Moscow and resulted in a French victory
1818 Carl III of Sweden–Norway is crowned king of Norway, in Trondheim
1822 Dom Pedro I declares Brazil independent from Portugal on the shores of the Ipiranga Brook in São Paulo
1857 Mountain Meadows massacre: Mormon settlers slaughter most members of peaceful, emigrant wagon train
1860 Italian re-unification: Garibaldi enters Naples
1864 American Civil War: Atlanta, is evacuated on orders of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman
1873 Emilio Castelar y Ripoll becomes President of the First Spanish Republic
1876 In Northfield, Minnesota, Jesse James and the James–Younger Gang attempt to rob the town's bank but are driven off by armed citizens
1893 The Genoa Cricket & Athletic Club, to become one of the oldest Italian football clubs, is established by British expats
1895 The first game of what would become known as rugby league football is played, in England, starting the 1895–96 Northern Rugby Football Union season
1901 The Boxer Rebellion in Qing dynasty China officially ends with the signing of the Boxer Protocol
1906 Alberto Santos-Dumont flies his 14-bis aircraft at Bagatelle, France for the first time successfully
1907 Cunard Line's RMS Lusitania sets sail on her maiden voyage from Liverpool, England, to New York City
1909 Eugène Lefebvre crashes a new French-built Wright biplane during a test flight at Juvisy, south of Paris, becoming the first aviator in the world to lose his life in a powered heavier-than-air craft
1911 French poet Guillaume Apollinaire is arrested and put in jail on suspicion of stealing the Mona Lisa from the Louvre museum
1916 US federal employees win the right to Workers' compensation by Federal Employers Liability Act (39 Stat. 742; 5 U.S.C. 751)
1920 Two newly purchased Savoia flying boats crash in the Swiss Alps en route to Finland where they would serve with the Suomen Ilmavoimat, killing both crews
1921 In Atlantic City, New Jersey, the first Miss America Pageant, a two-day event, is held
1921 The Legion of Mary, the largest apostolic organization of lay people in the Catholic Church, is founded in Dublin, Ireland
1922 In Aydın, Turkey, independence of Aydın, from Greek occupation
1922 The Bank of Latvia established
1927 The first fully electronic television system is achieved by Philo Farnsworth
1928 The first Tour de Pologne began
1929 Steamer Kuru capsizes and sinks on Lake Näsijärvi near Tampere in Finland. 136 lives are lost
1932 The Battle of Boquerón, the first major battle of the Chaco War, commences
1936 The last surviving member of the thylacine species, Benjamin, dies alone in its cage at the Hobart Zoo in Tasmania
1940 Treaty of Craiova: Romania loses Southern Dobruja to Bulgaria
1942 First flight of the Consolidated B-32 Dominator
1942 World War II: Australian and US forces inflict a significant defeat upon the Japanese at the Battle of Milne Bay
1943 A fire at the Gulf Hotel in Houston, kills 55 people
1943 World War II: The German 17th Army begins its evacuation of the Kuban bridgehead (Taman Peninsula) in southern Russia and moves across the Strait of Kerch to the Crimea
1945 Japanese forces on Wake Island, which they had held since December of 1941, surrender to U.S. Marines
1953 Nikita Khrushchev is elected first secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
1953 Mohammad Daoud Khan becomes Premier of Afghanistan
1953 Garfield Todd becomes Prime Minister of Southern Rhodesia
1961 João Goulart becomes President of Brazil