September 1622 in history

Born in September 1622

Sep 22 Jacques Savary a successful French merchant who became a widely recognised expert on questions regarding commerce. He was the author of Le parfait négociant , a manual on mercantile trade, which was translated into several languages
Sep 24 Georg Händel a barber-surgeon and the father of Georg Frideric Handel. As a young man he had to stop attending grammar school when his father Valentin died and had to give up his aspirations to become a lawyer. It is very unlikely he ever succeeded in finishing a medical study and without a degree he was not allowed to call himself a physician
Sep 27 Karel Dujardin a Dutch Golden Age painter. Although he did a few portraits and a few history paintings of religious subjects, most of his work is small Italianate landscape scenes with animals and peasants, and other genre scenes. Dujardin spent two extended periods, at the beginning and end of his career, in Italy, and most of his paintings and landscape etchings have an Italian or Italianate setting

Died in September 1622

Sep 7 Denis Godefroy a French jurist, a member of the noted Godefroy family. He worked in France and Germany