September 1704 in history

Born in September 1704

Sep 3 Joseph de Jussieu a French botanist and explorer, member of the Jussieu family. He introduced the common garden heliotrope to European gardeners
Sep 5 Maurice Quentin de La Tour a French Rococo portraitist who worked primarily with pastels. Among his most famous subjects were Voltaire, Rousseau, Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour
Sep 16 Louis de Jaucourt a French scholar and the most prolific contributor to the Encyclopédie. He wrote about 18,000 articles on subjects including physiology, chemistry, botany, pathology, and political history, or about 25% of the entire encyclopedia, all done voluntarily. In the generations after the Encyclopédie's, mainly due to his aristocratic background, his legacy was largely overshadowed by the more bohemian Denis Diderot, Jean-Jacques Rousseau and others, but by the mid-20th century more scholarly attention was being paid to him
Sep 24 Karl August Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont Prince of Waldeck and Pyrmont and Commander of the Dutch forces in the War of Austrian Succession.
Sep 29 Johann Friedrich Cartheuser a German physician and naturalist.

Died in September 1704

Sep 6 Francesco Provenzale an Italian Baroque composer and teacher. Notably Provenzale was the teacher of famed castrato 'il cavaliere Nicolo Grimaldi '
Sep 8 Francisco Bances Candamo a playwright of the Spanish Golden Age.