September 1729 in history

Born in September 1729

Sep 4 Louis Dauphin of France (1729–1765) the only surviving son of King Louis XV of France and his wife, Queen Marie Leszczyńska. Son of the king, Louis was styled Fils de France. As heir apparent, he became Dauphin of France. However, he died before ascending to the throne. Three of his sons became kings of France: Louis XVI , Louis XVIII and Charles X
Sep 4 Juliana Maria of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel queen of Denmark between 1752 and 1766, second consort of king Frederick V of Denmark and Norway, mother of the prince-regent Hereditary Prince Frederick of Denmark and Norway and herself de facto regent 1772–1784, King Christian VIII of Denmark descends from her.
Sep 6 Moses Mendelssohn indebted.
Sep 25 Christian Gottlob Heyne a German classical scholar and archaeologist as well as long-time director of the Göttingen State and University Library.
Sep 27 Michael Denis an Austrian poet, bibliographer, and lepidopterist.

Died in September 1729

Sep 1 Richard Steele an Irish writer and politician, remembered as co-founder, with his friend Joseph Addison, of the magazine The Spectator.
Sep 3 Jean Hardouin born at Quimper in Brittany.
Sep 7 William Burnet (colonial administrator) a British civil servant and colonial administrator who served as governor of New York and New Jersey and Massachusetts and New Hampshire. Born into a position of privilege , Burnet was well educated, tutored among others by Isaac Newton