September 1750 in history

Top 7 most famous people born in September 1750

Sep 3 Jacques-François Menou a French statesman of the French Revolution and general of the French Revolutionary Wars.
Sep 5 Robert Fergusson a Scottish poet. After formal education at the University of St Andrews, Fergusson followed an essentially bohemian life course in Edinburgh, the city of his birth, then at the height of intellectual and cultural ferment as part of the Scottish enlightenment. Many of his extant poems were printed from 1771 onwards in Walter Ruddiman's Weekly Magazine, and a collected works was first published early in 1773. Despite a short life, his career was highly influential, especially through its impact on Robert Burns. He wrote both Scottish English and the Scots language, and it is his vivid and masterly writing in the latter leid for which he is principally acclaimed
Sep 13 Giuseppe Albani an Italian Roman Catholic Cardinal. Although never a candidate for the Papacy, his role in the election of Leo XII, Pius VIII and Gregory XVI is well-known to papal historians
Sep 14 Friedrich Wilhelm von Buxhoeveden a Russian infantry general and government official. Buxhoeveden commanded the Russian armies during the Finnish War
Sep 18 Tomás de Iriarte y Oropesa a Spanish neoclassical poet.
Sep 22 Christian Konrad Sprengel a German theologist, teacher and, most importantly, a naturalist. He is most famously known for his research into plant sexuality
Sep 26 Raymond Desèze a French advocate. Together with François Tronchet and Malesherbes, he defended Louis XVI, when the king was brought before the Convention for trial

Died in September 1750

Sep 4 José de Cañizares a Spanish playwright. Cavalry officer, public official, and author of around one hundred works, he was one of the most important dramatists of the early 18th century
Sep 15 Charles Theodore Pachelbel a German composer, organist and harpsichordist of the late Baroque era. He was the son of the more famous Johann Pachelbel, composer of the popular Canon in He was one of the first European composers to take up residence in the American colonies, and was the most famous musical figure in early Charleston, South Carolina
Sep 15 Jean Terrasson a French priest, author and member of the Académie française.