September 1816 in history

September 1816 events chronologically

Sep 5 Louis XVIII has to dissolve the Chambre introuvable ("Unobtainable Chamber")
Sep 15 HMS Whiting runs aground on the Doom Bar

Top 7 most famous people born in September 1816

Sep 7 Ferdinand Ritter von Hebra an Austrian physician and dermatologist. He is known as the founder of the New Vienna School of Dermatology, an important group of physicians who set the basis for modern dermatology
Sep 11 Carl Zeiss a German maker of optical instruments best known for the company he founded, Carl Zeiss Jena. Zeiss made contributions to lens manufacturing that have aided the modern production of lenses. Raised in Weimar, Germany, he became a notable lens-maker in the 1840s when he created high-quality lenses that were "wide open", or in other words, had a very large aperture range that allowed for very bright images. He did this in the city of Jena at a self-opened workshop, where he started his lens-making career. At first his lenses were only used in the production of microscopes, but when cameras were invented, his company began manufacturing high-quality lenses for cameras
Sep 16 Charles Thomas Newton a British archaeologist. He was made KCB in 1887
Sep 22 Charles Leickert a Belgian painter of Dutch landscapes. As a specialist in winter landscapes, he explored the nuances of the evening sky and the rosy-fingered dawn
Sep 23 Elihu B. Washburne an American politician and diplomat. A member of the Washburn family of Maine, which played a prominent role in the early formation of the United States Republican Party, Washburne served as a congressman from Illinois before and during the American Civil War, and was a political ally of President Abraham Lincoln and General Ulysses Grant
Sep 26 Paul Gervais a French palaeontologist and entomologist.
Sep 29 Paul Féval père a French novelist and dramatist.

Died in September 1816

Sep 3 Friedrich Ludwig Schröder a German actor, manager and dramatist.
Sep 3 Liborio Mejía a Colombian colonel and politician during the struggle for Independence from Spain, and in 1816 Liborio Mejía became president of the United Provinces of the New Granada making him the youngest person to ever hold the presidency of Colombia at the age of 24. He was executed three months later during the Reconquista led by the Spaniard Pablo Morillo
Sep 10 Manuel de Bernardo Álvarez del Casal an influential Criollo figure in New Granada at the time of the independence movement. He occupied several important positions in the rebel government. He was also the uncle of Antonio Nariño, forerunner of independence. He served as president of the rebel State of Cundinamarca in 1814
Sep 17 Vladislav Ozerov the most popular Russian dramatist in the first decades of the 19th century.
Sep 22 Christen Smith an early 19th-century Norwegian physician, economist and naturalist, particularly botanist. He died, only 30 years old during a dramatic expedition to the Congo River in 1816, leaving a wealth of botanical material
Sep 22 Matteo Babini a leading Italian tenor of the late 18th-century, and a teacher of singing and stage art.
Sep 23 Alessandro Verri an Italian author.