September 1887 in history

September 1887 events chronologically

Sep 5 A fire at Theatre Royal in Exeter, England kills 186

Top 7 most famous people born in September 1887

Sep 1 Blaise Cendrars a Swiss-born novelist and poet who became a naturalized French citizen in 1916. He was a writer of considerable influence in the European modernist movement
Sep 10 Giovanni Gronchi a Christian Democratic Italian politician who became the third President of the Italian Republic in 1955, after Luigi Einaudi. His presidency lasted until 1962 and was marked by a controversial and failed attempt to bring about an “opening to the left” in Italian politics. He was reputed the real holder of the executive power in Italy from 1955 to 1962, backward the various Prime Ministers of this time
Sep 13 Leopold Ružička a Croatian scientist and winner of the 1939 Nobel Prize in Chemistry who worked most of his life in Switzerland. He received eight honoris causa doctorates in science, medicine, and law; seven prizes and medals; and twenty-four honorary memberships in chemical, biochemical, and other scientific societies
Sep 13 Theodore Roosevelt Jr. an American political, business and military leader. He was the eldest son of President Theodore Roosevelt and Edith Roosevelt
Sep 16 Nadia Boulanger a French composer, conductor, and teacher who taught many of the leading composers and musicians of the 20th century. She also performed as a pianist and organist
Sep 26 Barnes Wallis an English scientist, engineer and inventor. He is best known for inventing the bouncing bomb used by the Royal Air Force in Operation Chastise to attack the dams of the Ruhr Valley during World War The raid was the subject of the 1955 film The Dam Busters, in which Wallis was played by Michael Redgrave. Among his other inventions were the geodetic airframe and the earthquake bomb
Sep 28 Avery Brundage the fifth president of the International Olympic Committee , serving from 1952 to 1972. The only American to attain that position, Brundage is remembered as a zealous advocate of amateurism, and for his involvement with the 1936 and 1972 Summer Olympics, both held in Germany

Top 7 most famous people died in September 1887

Sep 10 Samo Tomášik a Slovak romantic poet and prosaist.
Sep 13 Alois von Brinz a German jurist and politician.
Sep 14 Friedrich Theodor Vischer a German novelist, poet, playwright, and writer on the philosophy of art. Today, he is mainly remembered as the author of the novel Auch einer, in which he developed the concept of "Die Tücke des Objekts" , a comical theory according to which seemingly inanimate objects conspire against humans
Sep 18 Robert Caspary a German botanist.
Sep 20 Ahmad Faris Shidyaq an Ottoman scholar, writer and journalist. Maronite by birth, he converted to Protestantism and then to Islam. He is considered to be one of the founding fathers of modern Arabic Literature
Sep 22 James B. Ricketts a career officer in the United States Army, serving as a Union Army general during the Civil War.
Sep 29 Bernhard von Langenbeck a German surgeon known as the developer of Langenbeck's amputation and founder of Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery.