September 1899 in history

September 1899 events chronologically

Sep 13 Henry Bliss is the first person in the United States to be killed in an automobile accident
Sep 13 Mackinder, Ollier and Brocherel make the first ascent of Batian (5,199 m – 17,058 ft), the highest peak of Mount Kenya
Sep 23 American Asiatic Squadron destroys a Filipino battery at the Battle of Olongapo

Top 7 most famous people born in September 1899

Sep 3 Frank Macfarlane Burnet an Australian virologist best known for his contributions to immunology. He won the Nobel Prize in 1960 for predicting acquired immune tolerance and was best known for developing the theory of clonal selection
Sep 11 Jimmie Davis a singer and songwriter of both sacred and popular songs who served for two nonconsecutive terms from 1944 to 1948 and from 1960 to 1964 as the governor of his native Louisiana, USA.
Sep 13 Corneliu Zelea Codreanu born Corneliu Zelinski and commonly known as Corneliu Codreanu—was a Romanian politician of the far right, the founder and charismatic leader of the Iron Guard or The Legion of the Archangel Michael , an ultra-nationalist and violently antisemitic organization active throughout most of the interwar period. Generally seen as the main variety of local fascism, and noted for its mystical and Romanian Orthodox-inspired revolutionary message, it grew into an important actor on the Romanian political stage, coming into conflict with the political establishment and the democratic forces, and often resorting to terrorism. The Legionaries traditionally referred to Codreanu as Căpitanul , and he held absolute authority over the organization until his death
Sep 20 Leo Strauss a German-American political philosopher and classicist who specialized in classical political philosophy. He was born in Germany to Jewish parents and later emigrated to the United States. He spent most of his career as a professor of political science at the University of Chicago, where he taught several generations of students and published fifteen books
Sep 23 Louise Nevelson an American sculptor known for her monumental, monochromatic, wooden wall pieces and outdoor sculptures. Born in Czarist Russia, she emigrated with her family to the United States in the early 20th century. Nevelson learned English at school, as she spoke Yiddish at home. By the early 1930s she was attending art classes at the Art Students League of New York, and in 1941 she had her first solo exhibition. A student of Hans Hofmann and Chaim Gross, Nevelson experimented with early conceptual art using found objects, and dabbled in painting and printing before dedicating her lifework to sculpture. Usually created out of wood, her sculptures appear puzzle-like, with multiple intricately cut pieces placed into wall sculptures or independently standing pieces, often 3-D. A unique feature of her work is that her figures are often painted in monochromatic black or white. A figure in the international art scene, Nevelson was showcased at the 31st Venice Biennale. Her work is seen in major collections in museums and corporations. Louise Nevelson remains one of the most important figures in 20th-century American sculpture
Sep 28 Alice de Janzé an American heiress who spent years in Kenya as a member of the Happy Valley set of colonials. She was connected with numerous scandals, including the attempted murder of her lover in 1927, and the 1941 murder of The 22nd Earl of Erroll in Kenya. Her tempestuous life was marked by promiscuity, drug abuse and several suicide attempts
Sep 29 Billy Butlin synonymous with the British holiday camp. Although holiday camps such as Warner's existed in one form or another before Butlin opened his first in 1936, it was Butlin who turned holiday camps into a multi-million pound industry and an important aspect of British culture

Top 7 most famous people died in September 1899

Sep 2 Ernest Renshaw a former World 1 English tennis player.
Sep 4 Jovan Ristić a Serbian statesman, diplomat and historian.
Sep 7 Karolina Světlá a Czech female author of the 19th century. She was a representative to the literary May School. She married Professor Petr Mužák in 1852, who had taught her music. She also had an affair with Jan Neruda. She introduced Eliška Krásnohorská to literature and feminism. Her first novel Vesnický román was published in 1867
Sep 26 Kaspar Stanggassinger Blessed Kaspar Stanggassinger C.Ss.R born in 1871 in Berchtesgaden, in southern Germany, the second of 16 children. His father was a farmer who also owned a stone quarry. From a young age, he announced that he would be a priest. He first attended a high school seminary in Freising. In 1890, he entered the major seminary of the diocese of Munich-Freising. On April 2, 1892, he received the tonsure minor orders. That summer, he went on pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady at Altőtting, in southern Germany. There he experienced a strong urge to join the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer, the Redemptorists
Sep 26 Ōki Takatō a Japanese statesman during the early Meiji period. He was Governor of Tokyo in 1868 and a member of the Privy Council in 1889
Sep 27 Henry Heth a career United States Army officer who became a Confederate general in the American Civil War.
Sep 28 Giovanni Segantini an Italian painter known for his large pastoral landscapes of the Alps. He was one of the most famous artists in Europe in the late 19th century, and his paintings were collected by major museums. In later life he combined a Divisionist painting style with Symbolist images of nature. He was active in Switzerland for most of his life