September 1974 in history

September 1974 events chronologically

Sep 1 The SR-71 Blackbird sets (and holds) the record for flying from New York to London in the time of 1 hour, 54 minutes and 56.4 seconds at a speed of 1,435.587 miles per hour (2,310.353 km/h)
Sep 8 Watergate Scandal: US President Gerald Ford pardons former President Richard Nixon for any crimes Nixon may have committed while in office
Sep 10 Guinea-Bissau gains independence from Portugal
Sep 11 Eastern Air Lines Flight 212 crashes in Charlotte, North Carolina, killing 69 passengers and two crew
Sep 12 Juventude Africana Amílcar Cabral is founded in Guinea-Bissau
Sep 12 Emperor Haile Selassie of Ethiopia, 'Messiah' of the Rastafari movement, is deposed following a military coup by the Derg, ending a reign of 58 years
Sep 15 Air Vietnam Flight 706 is hijacked, then crashes while attempting to land with 75 on board

Top 7 most famous people born in September 1974

Sep 6 Tim Henman an English retired professional tennis player. Henman played a serve-and-volley style of tennis. He was the first player from the United Kingdom since Roger Taylor in the 1970s to reach the semi-finals of the Wimbledon Men's Singles Championship. Henman never reached the finals of any Grand Slam but reached six Grand Slam semifinals and won 15 career ATP titles including the Paris Masters in 2003. He was ranked UK number 1 in 1996 and again from 1999 to 2005 from which point he was succeeded by Andy Murray. He reached the ranking of World 4 for periods 08/07/2002 to 11/08/2002 and from 12/08/2002 to 31/10/2004 and is one of Britain's most successful open era male tennis players winning $11,635,542 prize money
Sep 10 Mirko Filipović a Croatian heavyweight kickboxer, mixed martial artist, retired boxer, politician, and law enforcement officer. He is the former 2006 Pride World Grand Prix Open-Weight Champion and the former K-1 World Grand Prix Champion becoming the only the second man in the world to win major MMA championship and K-1 World Grand Prix Championship and he is current IGF Heavyweight Champion. His nickname, Cro Cop, short for "Croatian Cop", comes from his membership in the Lučko Anti-Terrorist Unit, Croatia's elite Police Special Forces tactical unit. Filipović owed his mixed martial arts success to a combination of elite-level kickboxing and near-impregnable takedown defense, making him one of the most dangerous strikers in history and a prototype for the modern sprawl and brawler. Filipović's signature move was his lightning quick left head-kick, once famously described as "right leg, hospital; left leg, cemetery." His legacy remains as a true legend in mixed martial arts, as well as one of the greatest heavyweights in the history of the sport. Mirko was also a successful amateur boxer. Mirko medalled numerous times in international competition, and was also a member of Croatia's world team when he competed at the 1997 Amateur Boxing World Championships. In his prime he was considered one of the best mixed martial artists, along with Fedor Emelianenko and Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira
Sep 10 Ryan Phillippe an American actor and director. After appearing on the soap opera One Life to Live, he came to fame in the late 1990s starring in a string of films, including I Know What You Did Last Summer, Cruel Intentions, and 54. In the 2000s, he appeared in several films, including 2001's Academy Award Best Picture nominee Gosford Park, 2005's Academy Award-winning ensemble film Crash, and the 2006 war drama Flags of Our Fathers. In 2007 he starred in Breach, a movie based on the true story of FBI operative Eric O'Neill, while in 2008 he headlined Kimberly Peirce's Iraq war film Stop-Loss. In 2010, he starred as Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Greg Marinovich in The Bang-Bang Club
Sep 18 Sol Campbell a former England international footballer. A central defender, he had a 19-year career playing in the Premier League and an 11-year international career
Sep 18 Xzibit an American rapper, actor, and television host. He is known as the host of the MTV show Pimp My Ride, which brought him mainstream success. Before hosting the show, he achieved fame in the West Coast hip-hop scene as a rapper, debuting with his acclaimed At the Speed of Life and gathering chart success with his follow-up albums Restless, Man Machine and Weapons of Mass Destruction, working with high-profile artists such as Eminem, Cypress Hill, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Dre, Knoc-turn'al, Timbaland, Limp Bizkit, Alice Cooper, Game, 50 Cent and Within Temptation, as well as being one of the first out internationally, working with overseas acts such as Russian rapper Timati, Raptile from Germany, Bliss N Eso from Australia and Adil Omar from Pakistan
Sep 19 Jimmy Fallon an American television host, comedian, actor, singer, writer, and producer. He currently hosts The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, a late-night talk show that airs on NBC. Prior to that, he appeared in several films, and was best known as a cast member on Saturday Night Live from 1998 to 2004, and the host of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon from 2009 to 2014. On April 3, 2013, NBC announced that Fallon would replace Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show at the conclusion of the 2014 Winter Olympics. Fallon said it will be "the same show" as Late Night: "I'm not going to change anything. It's more eyeballs watching, but it's the same show."
Sep 23 Matt Hardy an American professional wrestler currently signed with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. He is best known for his tenure in World Wrestling Entertainment and Ring of Honor

Top 7 most famous people died in September 1974

Sep 3 Harry Partch an American composer, music theorist, and creator of musical instruments. He composed using scales of unequal intervals in just intonation, and was one of the first 20th-century composers in the West to work systematically with microtonal scales. He built custom-made instruments in these tunings on which to play his compositions, and described his theory and practice in his book Genesis of a Music
Sep 4 Creighton Abrams a United States Army general who commanded military operations in the Vietnam War from 1968–72. He served as Chief of Staff of the United States Army from 1972 until shortly before his death in 1974. In 1980, the U.S. Army named its new main battle tank, the M1 Abrams, after General Abrams. The IG Farben building in Germany was also named after him from 1975 to 1995
Sep 4 Marcel Achard a French playwright and screenwriter whose popular sentimental comedies maintained his position as a highly-recognizable name in his country's theatrical and literary circles for five decades. He was elected to the Académie française in 1959
Sep 20 José Mojica a Mexican Franciscan friar and former tenor and film actor. He was known in the music and film fields as José Mojica
Sep 21 Walter Brennan an American actor. Brennan is one of three men to win three acting Oscars , having won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1936, 1938 and 1940
Sep 21 Jacqueline Susann an American author, whose first novel Valley of the Dolls sold 30 million copies. The book had been rejected by several publishers who did not want to feature young female drug addicts. Its success was helped by a worldwide promotional tour by Susann and her husband, press agent Irving Mansfield, despite being ridiculed by many critics. She followed it up with two others, The Love Machine and Once Is Not Enough, which were also best-sellers. Susann is seen as a precursor of Jackie Collins
Sep 30 Carlos Prats a Chilean Army officer, a political figure, minister and Vice President of Chile during President Salvador Allende's government, and commander-in-chief of the Chilean Army. He went into voluntary exile in Argentina immediately after General Augusto Pinochet's September 11, 1973 coup. The following year, he was assassinated in Buenos Aires, Argentina by a car bomb, revealed as committed by the DINA of Chile